• Augment simulation with clinical images
  • 12-Lead ECG
  • CT
  • Plain X-Ray 
  • Ultrasound Images
  • Use your own images


Further ECG traces Added

  • electrical alternans
  • pre-excited AF
  • pacemaker with and without capture




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  • Ronald Roan (Tuesday, July 21 15 01:52 am BST)

    The inability to reliably pair the devices is a huge problem. More than 10 tries to get it to work once. Also I cannot see the sliders on my iPhone 6, I can see them on my iPad. Please advise and/or

  • Dr. Mario lange (Monday, July 13 15 10:41 am BST)

    I just bought your App!
    I am Not amused, that i cannot change heartreat, spo2, CO2, bloodpressure! There is no Button if i touch the symbols als shown in your Video! I got an iPhone ! Can Young help me with this Problem?

  • CIARAN MCKENNA (Friday, July 03 15 04:52 pm BST)

    Invisible slider problem started with latest iOS update. Developers working on update to resolve ASAP.

  • Oliver robinson (Wednesday, July 01 15 10:02 am BST)

    Been using app with no problems but now the sliders don,t appear so unable to change heart rate or Bp. Have switched off both devices and reinstalled but still not working. Any suggestions

  • Michael Quigley (Saturday, June 20 15 10:23 pm BST)

    I have lost the scale bar in each of the individual displays ( ecg rate, sats level etc) so cannot adjust the parameters easily : it is usually a white bar on a grey background with a blue dot at the
    selected value - I only have a grey background now: ?? Why, can you help

  • Fumito Aeima (Friday, May 29 15 12:52 am BST)

    I purchased sim monitor. This soft is very useful.
    But in my IPhone(5s/OS8),pointer(round potch) to adjust paramerer disappear.

    Please update for iOS8

  • Paul Mazurek (Friday, May 22 15 02:26 pm BST)

    I am unable to adjust settings (no toggle switch to change numeric values). I am using an iPhone 6. This program worked great on my iPhone 5

  • Pamela Rose (Monday, May 18 15 08:18 pm BST)

    iPhone 6 plus I'm not able to set my own RR , and 02 sats

  • Roberto Cosentini (Saturday, April 18 15 10:38 pm BST)

    hi guys
    your app is great!
    iPhone 6 ok, could not find for iPad, however
    could you help?
    Roberto Cosentini

  • Kundan mittal (Tuesday, April 14 15 12:29 pm BST)

    Cursor on simmonitor in Apple 8.3 update is not working . Please check

  • Debbie Godden (Wednesday, February 04 15 06:57 pm GMT)

    Hi any chance of an android version please?!!

  • Fredrick Parker (Monday, January 12 15 12:32 pm GMT)

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  • Markus Vetter (Sunday, January 11 15 01:33 pm GMT)

    I search for an app live thjs for Android.

    Do you have this for android

  • Scott (Tuesday, December 30 14 02:55 am GMT)

    Your tracings run backwards!

  • Josh Briscoe (Monday, December 29 14 10:09 pm GMT)

    I cannot connect to my secondary device. What am I doing wrong?

  • Susan Hill (Thursday, December 18 14 11:34 am GMT)

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  • Susan Hill (Thursday, November 27 14 07:56 am GMT)

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  • Luke (Friday, November 21 14 11:28 pm GMT)

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  • Angus Macdonald (Friday, November 21 14 05:42 pm GMT)

    I have two iphones and will be getting an iPad shortly. On the mean time can I run this on my iPhones!

  • André Kzionska (Wednesday, October 01 14 02:20 pm BST)

    Hi there!
    Will this programm work on Android too?

  • mark porter (Tuesday, September 23 14 05:18 am BST)

    Are you looking at making this available for android/other phone users. Would love to use it.

  • Sam (Tuesday, August 26 14 06:21 pm BST)

    I would like to be able to send students normal chest x-rays and normal cardiac ultrasound images

  • Even Moore (Thursday, July 31 14 11:57 am BST)

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  • Dave Manthey (Thursday, July 17 14 08:27 pm BST)

    I would like to be able to evaluate and potentially use this app. I am the vice chair of education for the department of emergency medicine

  • Kenneth Searcy, RN (Friday, January 31 14 10:35 pm GMT)

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Someone showed me your app.
    Any chance there is Android availability now or in the future?
    Thank you very much,

  • Scott Wilson (Wednesday, November 27 13 10:09 pm GMT)

    Would it be possible for me to demo the Sim Monitor app for my Simulation Center? I would like to see the capabilities first hand.

  • Donna Gabriel (Wednesday, October 16 13 12:07 pm BST)

    We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

  • Simon Althaus (Thursday, September 19 13 02:02 pm BST)

    The Android World is desperately waiting to play along!

  • Andy O'Neill (Tuesday, July 30 13 05:26 pm BST)

    looks like a great app, but does it come on the Android platform

  • CIARAN MCKENNA (Tuesday, May 21 13 11:01 am BST)

    Hi Noel - thanks for comments. "BM" is the term we'd use in UK/Ireland when sampling fingerprick glucose. It dates back to one of the most widespread glucometer strips made by a company called
    Boehringer Mannhei. We'l probably change it to read "GLUC" in future update. ET anaethestic agents/gases also something we're considering. All future developments limited by cost unfortunately and
    we're keen to keep cost low... We may start of by replacing GCS with Minimum Alveolar Concentration initially rather than try to include algorithyms for various volatiles....



  • Noel Roberts (Saturday, May 18 13 07:01 am BST)

    Hi all,
    Anesthetist in Aus, just found this app. Great app! Probably stupid question but what is BM? Would be nice to give ET anaesthetic agent values, is this planned for an update?
    Keep up the good work,

  • Robby (Sunday, April 28 13 10:59 pm BST)

    When will there be a MacBook version of this?

  • Michael Moore (Monday, April 08 13 02:24 pm BST)

    Good afternoon,

    I love this app on friend's ipads but are there any plans to release an android version please?

  • Andrew Ormerod (Sunday, February 03 13 09:04 am GMT)

    I wondered perhaps if there is scope to work together with your app or allowing CPDme to promote you via a web exchange. Please feel free to drop me an email. Cheers Andy

  • Ciaran (Friday, February 01 13 10:24 pm GMT)

    Apple TV works great.... cable solution/Airplay could keep costs down

  • Arne Adolphs (Monday, January 14 13 09:50 am GMT)

    Great App. What about AirPlay Mirroring via Apple TV?

  • Ciaran McKenna (Monday, November 12 12 09:15 pm GMT)

    Thanks for all feedback... Dropping Sats tone great idea. Lots of ideas for updates but limited by development costs...we're funding from out own pockets but determined to keep App cost as low as

    The student screen can be displayed on a Mac using "reflection" App. Not sure if it's possible for Mac to act as instructor and control an iOS device....


  • Simon Chapman (Sunday, November 11 12 09:02 pm GMT)

    Well done, really useful and builds on from what SimMom achieved. Any chance that the Sats sound could decrease tone as Sats decrease?

  • Carlo Coniglio (Sunday, November 11 12 08:22 pm GMT)

    Great application really!
    Do you think should be possible to link between iphone-ipad and a Mac in the future?

  • Amanda (Friday, September 28 12 07:41 am BST)

    to use second iPad as monitor, does the app have to be downloaded and purchased separately for both devices?

  • snake7 (Thursday, September 27 12 03:56 pm BST)

    I am sorry to be poor at English.
    Is there any schedule to which the unit of the blood sugar level is changed by update?
    Moreover, the unit change of ETCO2?

  • Jon (Friday, August 17 12 12:19 am BST)

    When and how much? Sounds awesome. You'll blow I simulate out of the water if it's a reasonable price.....

  • Sim_Guy_NYC (Monday, August 06 12 02:19 pm BST)

    Looks good...cant Wait