• Augment simulation with clinical images
  • 12-Lead ECG
  • CT
  • Plain X-Ray 
  • Ultrasound Images
  • Use your own images


Further ECG traces Added

  • electrical alternans
  • pre-excited AF
  • pacemaker with and without capture




Developed by a team of Emergency Physicians and Anaesthetists

Our aim is to allow medical simulation training to occur outside of the simulation suite.


We believe that high fidelity simulation mannequins have an important role to play in medical education.  They facilitate training and assessment in various aspects of clinical medicine such as team leadership, situational awareness, communication skills and non technical skills.


However, they are quite expensive and often need to be pre-booked well in advance.  


We have observed how these mannequins are often not used to their full potential when undertaking simulation training.  The teacher will often fill in clinical examination findings verbally rather than using the mannequin/software to inform the student of changes.


We decided to develop this app so that teachers can train their students by undertaking ad hoc simulation training, without the planning and expense of high-fidelity medical mannequins.


A teacher will verbally describe a case to the student.  The patient's vital signs will then be displayed on the simulated medical monitor.  As the case evolves, these vital signs will change.  If the student undertakes appropriate treatment, the simulated patient will "get better"  (and vice versa).


The only limit to the nature and complexity of the clinical scenarios is the teacher's imagination/experience.

Our team have a mixed background in medical education

  • post-graduate certificate in medical education
  • Collegiate Examiner
  • ALS/APLS/ATLS instructors
  • Trauma moulage scenario co-ordination


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